Are working harder and bringing home less?

Was your income tax refund less or did you have to pay?

How can you climb the ladder when you don't know how to reach for it?

Why do 3 people in the US have more money than the bottom 163,000,000(50%)combined?

Why are prices rising so fast anymore?

Why do the wealthiest corporations pay no tax?

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As I am blessed to travel our beautiful country spreading our message of creating entrepreneurship in native lands, there is exposed a simple truth that effects all of our lives. We have not been taught the truth about our financial system and WHO it works for.

There are many more questions that can be answered simply with this statement; " The rich businessmen write the rules and tax code." Learn the basics of our system and how to use business rules and laws to become your own business. Use the rules to save substantial money and to understand how to truly move forward finacially.

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