Alan Poh
Kuleana machine inventor
Master Screen Printer/Teacher
    After over 2.1 million prints to his name and clients like Fiesta Bowl, Indy Cars, Bally's and others, Alan created the on-site mobile screen print machine that is the basis of the Kuleana process.
   Encouraged by his late Father's desire to see the machine reach it's potential and his Daughter's urging to do something good with the accrued knowledge, Kuleana was born.
    He has given up his successful screen print operation that he created and grew in Arizona and Hawaii for over 30+ years to do something more important. Alan has now dedicated his life to use what he has learned and been gifted with by joining with similarly motivated people to help others to discover the gift of self-awareness. This is his kuleana.
   Growing up on Kaua`i, I learned the value of hard work and the value of "malama pono" or to take care of yourself and the people around you. My current job as an Head Enforcement Officer with the Department of Land and Natural Resources here in Hawaii, allows me to interact with and protect my culture everyday.
   The HumbleNatives concept came from a frustration of seeing all the talented native artists have no avenue to market their art. Working with Alan we have worked out a process where any artist instantly has not only a platform to sell their art, but a community of like minded people to interact with and grow. Our idea of helping link it to larger outlets and to provide the basis for production without the usual high investment make it perfect for native artists.
Ken Lono Wong
Marketing Advisor
     We at NativeKuleana are blessed by the advice that this gentleman gives us. Ken is the perfect person to explain to our crew the marketing concepts that will help Kuleana grow. Being Hawaiian with family from the island of Kaua`i, he knows personally the trials and tribulations of native people.
     We are honored that Ken came to us to give us his time with a personal kuleana to help move towards "pono" or help restore balance in what he has witnessed in life. His personal skills and caring heart make him a invaluable resource to anyone he contacts.
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  Born and raised on Oahu, Greg understands the challenges of living in a native culture. Educated at Punahou and Brown University, he was responsible for the in-car app engineering for ride share heavyweight Lyft.
   He became interested in the Kuleana project because of the social impact it has had and has decided to join us in bringing our HumbleNatives platform to life. we are blessed to have such a caring heart join our cause.