Where do I find ideas for art?
ANSWER: Your communities are brimming with talented artists. Offer them the chance to showcase their work and you will never have to ask that question again. If you are doing your own, the best way to get ideas for art is to look at others' work. Go to the mall or look online and see how the popular work is composed.

          I am not confident enough that my artwork is good enough. Can you help?
ANSWER: Although we ask you to keep trying and use your resources, we have a community of artists at ShirtsInk. that will do your work at a reasonable agreed upon price.

          Where do I find work?
ANSWER: Go to your strengths. If you are a runner, start in that area. If you love dogs, that is where you should begin. Reach out and ask people to help you. You will be amazed at the response.
          You say to do On-Site events, but staying in the shop is easier. Why make the extra effort?
 ANSWER: Anytime you are out in the public with the kuleana system making shirts, you are an interest magnet. You break down the traditional sales barrier and you get to communicate with people in a relaxed environment. Thus your ability to close deals and even have customers ask you to do their work is enhanced.

          What if I can't learn this stuff? I am not a hands on person.
ANSWER: We have never had any of our students fail at learning the process, and there are over 250+ of them. Our teaching method breaks the process down to the most simple levels and that includes art.
          What can I reasonably expect to make money-wise?
ANSWER: You are the answer to that question. If you are a self starter and enjoy the learning process you can make serious money (six figures). This process takes someone who is focused and enjoys working with people.
             Did you actually work this process or are you just making money selling it?
ANSWER: I just retired back to Hawaii after creating and building this business for 30+ years. I have learned what works and what doesn't from hands-on experience. It is now my kuleana to fulfill my late Father's wish to make this great process available to help others.

          I have heard that you or one of your students have made over $54,000 at a one day event. is that true and how is that possible?
ANSWER: Yes it is very true and the way it is possible is through hard work, dedicated helpers, and patience to let an event grow. This particular event started out as an $800 event and in 7 years grew to what you have heard and is still growing. It is intense, but very possible.
           What else will I need besides the packages offered?
ANSWER: The most important thing is focus or drive. Next you will need minivan, truck or SUV to pick up supplies and pull the equipment to the events. You will need X amount of cash reserves to buy stock for those events. It helps to have a garage or workshop to operate out of as well as a spouse/significant other that is willing to help or is just supportive of your effort. Updated computer equipment is a plus.
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