the original on-site screen printing machine system. responsibility creates opportunity
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Preserve the Culture
Harness the Talent
Rebuild Self-Reliance
Keep Native Money on Native Lands
Each year native tribes, nations and pueblos spend hundreds of thousands of their dollars for shirts for their operations, promotions, incentives and casinos.
    Instead of handing out money to outside vendors, why not put your own people to work teaching them business skills and an entrepreneur mindset.
   The money saved on the cost of production goes 100% into funding the program and provides an almost instantaneous Return on Investment.

There are outside funds available to help get started and we provide the training and support to get you up and running quickly and to continue as you grow.

The time is now to change the way we think about what is truly possible!
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the process
Why are Native Youth looking outside their homelands to make a difference and make a living?

Would it not be better to introduce business and entrepreneurship to the youth to teach them self awareness and for them to build functional businesses in their native lands?

Is there a way to immediately keep their attention while learning real world skills and at the same time getting hands on real world experience running a profitable business?

These are the questions we answer with
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