I am from Kailua, O`ahu, Hawai`i. I attended Kamehameha Schools, Kapalama Campus for high school and it was during that time when I really found a passion in learning the history and culture of my homeland. I started dancing hula in the 11th grade and have been dancing ever since. Hula was not just an outlet for me to release my stress and express myself, but it also stands as an inlet where I recieve a lot of knowledge, guidance, and connection.
   After graduating high school, I moved to Hilo, Hawai`i to attend the University of Hawai`i at Hilo to further my education in Hawaiian Studies. It was during my time in Hilo where I began to really grow my roots in my culture through hula. My kumu there sparked a fire within me to continue to push to learn more so I can share more. this kumu was also the person who showed me how to express my na`au(gut) through design. My first design I ever drew ended up to be my first tatoo.

    After moving back home to O`ahu after graduating college, I joined a halau(hula school) close to home in Kailua and I was able to further my education and connection. I eventually got into doing massage and traditional Hawaiian massage called "Lomilomi".This was an avenue for me to focus on my na`au and follow my feelings. i ended up also taking La`au Lapa`au(traditional Hawaiian medicine) classes for a couple of years, and I feel this was my journey of practicing faith and believing in Ke Akua.
   Today, I have taken a break from my practices so that I can focus on becoming an entrepreneur and starting my company Na`au Wala`au Designs. I also am the founder and president of Hawai`i Arts & Hospitality Association(HAHA) as well as host of my own monthly TV talk show on Olelo Channel called "Aloha Authentic with Kamaka Pili". All this to achieve my mission of perpetuating Hawaiian culture and uphold my Kuleana(responsibility) as a Hawaiian. I feel that our lives come in seasons, and the past seasons of my life have all prepared me for this season I stand in today. I believe this season is preparing me to get our messages of Hawai`i and Aloha around the world in a greater scale.

    All of my designs are physical expressions of feelings and/or personal experiences that I needed to express for some reason. Every design shares a story, and to me the story is most important. the design itself is secondary. When i share my stories, I always tell people that these stories are actually directed to me. I feel that is what Ke Akua is telling me, however i felt there may be some people who connect and relate to my story. So why not share? My family, my ancestors, and my God are the most important to me and I work in their shadows. I try to follow their footsteps because I know I have a Kuleana and with their help, it will be much more easier to take care of.

    I am proud to be a respected artist and business leader among my peers in the Hawaiian culture community.

                                                                                     Me Ke Aloha
Kamaka Pili Hawaii Arts & Hospitality Association
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