Edward joined the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Transportation in January of 1992 as Transportation Specialist. His role to manage programs related to economic development, technical assistance and training for tribal governments and communities. He is Bureau of Indian Affair's coordinator for tourism and has helped establish the BIA's outreach and support to tribal capacity building for tribal tourism and trade. He was instrumental in the BIA's involvement in the development of the National Scenic Byways program and the National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration. He represents the BIA as the point of contact on Interagency Memorandums of Understanding with the Western States Tourism Policy Council, Southeast Tourism Policy Council,National Geographic Society, and the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association(AIANTA).Mr. Hall was appointed to the Transportation Research Board(TRB) in 1993 and helped establish the Inter-Tribal Transportation Association and the TRB committee on Native American Transportation Issues ABE80. He was one of the tribal representatives to the White House Conference on Tourism in 1995, where the development of the American Indian Tourism Conference(AITC) was discussed as an essential resource for tribal tourism development. He has been instrumental in supporting the AITC now in it's 15th year as the tribal tourism forum. He has also helped to form and develop the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association(AIANTA) as the professional American Indian tourism organization representing Indian Country to the tourism industry in 2002. He has advised and supported AIANTA as a partner to the BIA in providing technical assistance, outreach, and coordination for tribal tourism development and capacity building.

   Mr. Hall works as an intergovernmental coordinator connecting other Federal, state and local governments together with tribal governments and organizations to further communications and partnerships for project development and planning. He has helped position AIANTA and Indian Country as part of America's tourism industry and believes that tribal tourism is a platform for diplomacy and education as well as economic development for tribal communities and cultures. Central to that is the involvement of tribal governments and communities to providing guidance and perspective on policy decisions. On May 10th, 2012, AIANTA and tribal communities were recognized as part of the President's National Travel and Tourism Strategy. On September 25th, 2012, Depart of the Interior, Secretary Salazar signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AIANTA further recognizing the importance of tribal engagement across public lands and waters as supporting tribal tourism capacity building.

Mr. Hall is a member of the Arikara and Hudatsu Nations and is enrolled on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota

Awards / Positions:
Leadership Council of the George Washington University, Department of Tourism and Hospitality and International Institute of Tourism Studies
Advisory Board, Co-Chair policy Committee to Tribal GIS Support Center
Guest Lecturer to the New York University/Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism on indigenous tourism development perspectives
2011 Tim Wapato Public Advocate Award, National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development
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