Dr. Frank Scarpati President/CEO Community Bridges Incorporated
   Frank Scarpati has a Doctorate in Higher Education from the University of Southern California, a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from Pepperdine University, and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Columbia. he is a certified Psychotherapist, a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor(LISAC);Master's Level Addiction Counselor(State, National, and International); Compulsive Gambling Counselor; and Community College teacher. Dr. Scarpati has also completed advanced training from the Center for Applied Sciences as Relapse Prevention Specialist; the Arizona Attorney General's Office as a Labor Relations Mediator and a Reality Therapist Certification from the Los Angeles based Reality Therapy Institute. He maintains proficiency in the field of Addiction Treatment as a non-Physician Professional participant in the American Society of Addiction Medicine(ASAM), and for the past five years, a member of the Governance Board of Magellan Healthcare of Arizona, the Administrator of the largest public behavioral health service in the country.

   In February 1996, Dr. Scarpati became the President/CEO of the East valley Addiction Council(EVAC), a medical detoxification unit supported by 25 employees and nurtured it into becoming Community Bridges, Inc., an Arizona non-profit with 750 employees who deliver Integrated Behavioral Health and Medical services throughout Arizona. Dr. Scarpati is the creator of UnScript, an integrated approach to treating the bio-pyscho-social-spiritual consequences of unintentional substance dependence resulting from overutilization of prescription medication.

    Dr. Scarpati is the founder and Executive Director of the Education And Training Institute, consulting organization whose focus is the prevention education, and treatment of addiction. He has provided community development services to over 25 cities within the State of Arizona; mediation services through the Arizona Attorney General's Office; student support group facilitator training for administrators, teachers, and school psychologists throughout the United States, Canada, and the Pacific Rim Countries; and prevention program consultation services to police departments and school systems throughout the United States.

    During his teaching career, Dr. Scarpati taught at both university and community college levels; provided college courses to inmates of the Arizona State Prison; charter school educational programs to youth gang members; and continues to provide human resource seminars on individual and organizational development, equal opportunity and treatment, sexual harassment, human relations, and ethics. Dr. Scarpati maintains a private practice limited to addiction treatment for high-risk, high profile idividuals.

   Dr. Scarpati Served for three years as the Governor of Arizona's Community Liaison in the Office of Drug Policy, participating in the Statewide Drug and gang Policy Council and coordinating the Governor's Drug prevention efforts throughout the State.

Board of Directors United Way
Arizona Recovery Centers Association
Arizona Board for the Certification of Addiction Counselors(President)
Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
Board of directors Arizona Council of Human Service Providers
Arizona Congressional Committee for VA Review
many more...

Dr. Scarpati and his wife Christine have a blended family of 6 adult children and 4 grandchildren. Christine has been the Executive Director of the Child Crisis Center since it's creation in 1981
Dr.Frank Scarpati
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