2-Kuleana portable screen print machine
1-flat bed screen exposure unit
2-desktop computers *GBRAM/1 TB HD
1-HP LaserJet Postscript printer
2-copies of CorelDraw 2018
2- LED VGA Moniters
1-16"x 16" flash dryer
1- portable electric pressure washer
2-100 count 11"x 17" laserjet film
20-20"x 24" 110 mesh white screen
30-20"x 24" 156 mesh white screen
4-Gallons CP-2 dyed direct emulsion
2-16" aluminum scoop coater
2-Gallon emulsion remover
1-digital temperature gun
500-100% cotton shirts (asst. sizes)
140"-Squeegee handle
140"-Squeegee blade 70 durometer
2-gallons curable reducer
4-gallons diamond white ink
4-gallons black ink
1-gallon lemon yellow ink
1-gallon golden yellow ink
1-gallon orange ink
1-gallon brite red ink
1-gallon brite blue ink
1-gallon royal blue ink
1-gallon aquamarine ink
1-gallon brite green ink
1-gallon chrome green ink
1-gallon sienna brown ink
1-gallon gray ink
100-wooden stir sticks
2-blockout pens
2-can spray toner
6-cans screen opener
1-gallon garden sprayer
24-rolls 2" blue tape
5-100 count nitrile gloves

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enterprise package
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350-white pellon practice sheets
350-black pellon practice sheets
12-cans spray adhesive
20-pack of particulate respirator
1-case stencil remover
1-acrylic washout booth
2-gallons press wash
1-box ink scrapers
1-spot clean gun
4-gallons spot clean solution
1-gallon screen blockout
2-gallons haze remover
2-50' 12 gauge extension cords
Introduction to Screen Printing Manual
Introduction to Screen Printing DVD
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Crating and Shipping for above supplies(minus Kuleana Machines)
This package include a 5-day comprehensive training sessions that includes hands-on art, screen developing, printing, and business training and discussion. See training page for a more inclusive explanation.
*on-site set up/training and shipping are extra charges
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